Picture optional

I took a picture of myself in my very 1st post.  Front and side.  This is ME at the beginning of this project.  I was going to take one every month.  I didn’t take one in April because although the results were measurable, the direction was wrong.  I had GAINED weight.  Why would I want to document that?!!!!  Well, because it was measurable…  I am not brave enough to ask my friend to take another picture of me for me to post still.  Failing is always part of the process.  No one wants to admit this.  You don’t move EITHER to failure or success, you move THROUGH failure to success.  And yet…  So today is measure day.  After 6 wks. of monitoring my intake, increasing my activity and writing about it to witnesses, I’m BACK down to what I was the 2nd week.  I suspect that the first measurement wasn’t accurate because in the past few days, based on how the scale was set, I have varied by 4-6 pounds by just getting off the scale and getting back on. Well THAT’S not right.   Drum roll please…… pdpdpdpdpdpdpdpdpdpdpdpdpdpdpdp.  Wait, ew, I drooled on myself…

I did 30 min on treadmill doing Mystery hike (varies from 2.3 mph to 2.7 mph and from 0 incline to 2)

Weight  211.5  Le Sigh.

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