White out

 “Smoke, Fog, and Haze: Write about not being able to see ahead of you.”
– writing prompt for today’s CW piece.


Silent but for the sound of wind


What is it that is so critical that I must be here?

I see the tail lights in front of me, but they swerve

It is slick

I must get home, I cannot stay here

I see my warm kitchen, smell banana bread

Feel the warmth of my fire

My hands are cold

My wipers, ineffective

I’m shivering in my seat

I must get home, I cannot stay here

My radio is playing Vivaldi

The programmer has a sense of humor…playing Summer

I smile just a bit

But I must concentrate very hard

It’s difficult to drive by feel

How slow?

How careful?

How long until I’m safe?

I must get home, I cannot stay here

Blizzards, fun to watch

Not having fun now…

Pull over?

Wait it out?

2 more hours.

I must get home, I cannot stay here.

Trust my feeling

Trust my instinct

Trust the road

Trust those driving ahead and behind

It’s hard to trust

I must, because

I must get home, I cannot stay here

3 thoughts on “White out

  1. Oddly disturbing. Vivaldi’s Four Seasons are amazing, and I was listening to is just the other day and laughed at the “Summer”, too. If you can, always go home. Getting stuck out there can be dangerous.


  2. I have been in this situation. I had left for a conference and it started to snow before I got too far on the road. It was very scary. It was a 7 hour drive to the intersection of I-70 in Missouri, but it was only 150 miles. It took as long to get to the border of Illinois/Missouri as it took to get from St. Louis to Kansas City.

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