phenomenal progress

Today, I went to the zoo.  I activated my “runkeeper” ap to keep me apprised of my progress.  I did 16 miles!!!!  The 1st mile time was 1.5 hrs., the 2nd mile was 1.25 hrs., the 3rd mile was .6 hrs.  The next 13 miles were in about 15 min.  Note to self:  remember to turn off runkeeper before jumping in the car to drive home.  Said I burned over 1k cal though and set 1/2 marathon record of about 1 min/mile.  Should I keep it?  Probably not.  Sigh.

Vera Cruz omelet (avocado & chicken in egg white omelet)

hotdog and Cheetos  (just 1 dog and 1/2 bag)

baked chicken and potato salad

Myfitnesspal ap says that if every day was like this, I’d weigh 197 pounds in 5 weeks.  THEY LIE!  If every day were like this, I will have gained 5 pounds in 5 weeks.

When I was doing the body bug, I’d do all the exercises, log every food, and I was seeing my trainer 2x/week and dutifully entering my measurements and my weight.  Then I’d get these nasty-grams from the program saying that I might have over estimated my exercise, and underestimated the amount of cheesecake and pizza I was eating.  Basically calling me out and saying I was not honest in my entries.  I wouldn’t have been too upset if I had been cheating, but I was starving myself and was constantly sore from all my work outs.  Stuff that would cause others to lose 30-40 pounds, I would lose about 5.  That is why the blog is called Measurable Progress. It’s not about the numbers on the scale, it’s the numbers on the tape measure.  The scale is just a 1st approximation of how I’m doing.  It’s frustrating just the same however.


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